API Solutions

Our API solutions for information transmission helps an eCommerce store with marketplace integration, tracking, address validation, order fulfilment and many more.

To facilitate our wide range of service, our smart API solutions automate the processes and help you connect your system with ours. Enabling your customers to select options for getting their orders delivered at the right place and at the right time, APIs integrate shipping functionality into your eCommerce store directly. API integration helps connect your online stores with our account and process orders from all sales channels faster than ever before on our platform. Besides, it enables you to monitor the shipment status while streamlining the complex operations aptly without the chance for any error.

Irrespective of the products you sell, every process involved in your eCommerce business should aim at maximising customer experience while maintaining the ability to enhance returns. Rely on API integration with us, for you can effortlessly ship your orders much faster to keep your customers consistently happy.
API Ready

Smart Shipping with API integration

Integrate your shipping department with Ianis Fast Courier and streamline your orders to select the ideal shipping options.
Order Automation Order Automation
Sync all your orders and automate the process.
Bulk Uploads Bulk Uploads
Import all the products in your store at once.
eCommerce API eCommerce API
Integrate your store with multiple sales channels.
Catalogue Syncing Catalogue Syncing
Sync catalogues in real-time for easy order processing.
Tracking API Tracking API
Track orders round-the-clock to know the shipment status.
Order Processing Order Processing
Get all orders on one platform for its fast processing.
Advanced Features Advanced Features
State-of-the-art features to minimise shipping cost.
Ensure Security Ensure Security
Users can come with their own API key for data requests.