Ship Now and Pay Later

Get the convenience of flexibility in payments when you send parcels with Ianis fast Courier.

We provide our customers with the facility of moving parcels but make payments at a later time based on the terms and conditions laid out. We know our flexible payment terms alongside quality service tailormade to your budget help us go beyond our customer expectations. ‘Ship now, pay later’ facility provides our customers with the benefit of sending parcels in bulk. It does not limit them with restrictions on order limits when payments in one go become hardly possible.

You can maintain a healthy cash flow during the credit period while at the same time, we manage our service through the larger orders to help us reduce the cost per unit on moving parcels. We have created a win-win situation for our mutual benefit to take the burden away from both of us. It gives you the freedom to ship following the demands for your products quickly and conveniently without hassles.
Flexible Payment Terms

Flexibility in Payments

Our Pay Later service helps you avail of a credit period that keeps your business move without any financial crunch.
Painless Process Painless Process
Easy payment terms, no complicated process involved.
Finance Freight Finance Freight
A go-to choice during times of financial difficulty.
Safe and Reliable Safe and Reliable
Most reliable safest and convenient means of credit.
Divert Money Divert Money
Small and medium businesses can improve production.
Fast Approval Fast Approval
Process requests immediately after a credit check up.
Wallet-friendly Wallet-friendly
No hidden charges to avail of the Pay Later facility.
Offers Flexibility Offers Flexibility
Free up the cash flow of your business effortlessly.
Shows Solvency Shows Solvency
Improves eligibility based on prompt payment history.