Save On Shipping Costs

Help businesses save customers money on shipping costs by offering them the convenience of our live shipping rates.

In an eCommerce business, it is hard to ascertain the amount to be charged from customers for shipping their orders. From the point of view of businesses, it may not be always sensible to provide free shipping on all orders. On the other hand, no business wants to make their customers pay more for shipping. When rates are manually established, there is a possibility of overcharging, which later can prove detrimental leading to cart abandonment.

Nevertheless, when online stores enable real-time shipping rates, customers can see the accurate shipping costs as these charges are drawn into the order checkout. The entire cart value is taken into account during the calculation of shipping cost when customers move to the checkout page, further ensuring businesses do not burden customers with extra cost. Simultaneously, it also benefits businesses that the associated costs can be covered prudently.
Live Shipping Rates

Accurate Real-time Shipping Rates

Forget about flat rates. Enter real-time shipping rates to earn more customers worldwide and drive sales for your online store.
Precise Rates Precise Rates
Help work out the accurate shipping costs in real-time.
Easy Process Easy Process
Rates are based on weight, dimensions and destination.
Instant Price Instant Price
Displays real-time carrier rates during the checkout.
Go international Go international
Gives the most accurate rates, despite the location.
Zero Abandonment Zero Abandonment
No cart abandonments due to excessive shipping costs.
Quick Updates Quick Updates
Updates immediately as and when changes are made.
Tailored Shipping Tailored Shipping
Customers get shipping options as per their cart value.
Shipping Times Shipping Times
Displays expected shipping times along with the rate.