Parcel and Document Delivery

Our delivery service in Europe and worldwide offers you great value for your money with a focus on reduced shipping time and provides tracking information in real-time.

We help you send parcels, envelopes and urgent documents quickly to their destination. We work with some of the renowned courier companies of the world, ensuring that you get the ideal price-performance ratio on all your parcels, regardless of the delivery locations. Get your quote from the most cost-effective courier service option instantly by entering the dimensions and weight of the package. Also, monitor your parcels and envelopes in transit through our fully automated tracking facility from pickup to drop off point.

Regardless of whether you are sending a signed contract correspondence to your employer in the U.K, or a private and confidential letter to your family or friend anywhere in Europe or sending your credentials for university application, your documents are safe in our hands during its transit from its origin to destination. Within a short period, ever since Ianis Fast Courier started its journey under the aegis of Ianis Cargo, we have become synonymous with fast and low-cost parcel delivery services serving the European community.
Parcels and Envelopes Delivery

Send Parcel and Envelopes Very Fast

Avail of the cost-effective parcel and document delivery with reduced transit times and real-time tracking facility.
Fully Secured Fully Secured
Ideal for urgent and confidential correspondence.
Tracking Facility Tracking Facility
Keep tabs on your parcels with automated tracking.
Price Comparison Price Comparison
Take advantage of price quotes from our partners.
Fast Delivery Fast Delivery
Improved transit time ensures fast delivery of parcels.
Service Suitability Service Suitability
Business, as well as individuals, can use our service.
Parcel Safety Parcel Safety
Take all measures to keep parcels intact until delivery.
Proof of Delivery Proof of Delivery
Electronic Proof of Delivery for all parcels delivered.
Door-step Delivery Door-step Delivery
Assured door-to-door delivery service on all parcels.