Confirmation by Proof of Delivery

Get the advantage of immediate delivery confirmation through delivery note in digital format within hours via email.

Proof of Delivery (POD) shows the acknowledgement of receipt of packages with delivery information, name, address and signature of the recipient. Signature capture technology in mobile devices helps the recipient sign on the device screen and can be accessed on your website as and when it gets updated, further saving time and paperwork.

Forget about the laborious and long-winded process of manual data entry, not to mention the delays in processing the paper-based data in situations where you lose or damage the delivery notes. Further, a creased delivery note handed over from customers to customers, in any case, don't provide a positive experience. At Ianis Fast Courier, we offer electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) to acknowledge the receipt of parcels. With ePOD at your disposal, you can leave a lasting impression on customers while getting updated about successful parcel delivery in real-time without any impediment.
Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Get the delivery confirmation by electronic proof of delivery right after receipt of parcels at their delivery locations.
Receive e-signature Receive e-signature
Get signature on devices and acknowledge receipts.
Seamless Integration Seamless Integration
Share delivery details quickly for accounting purposes.
Impress Customers Impress Customers
Our delivery person has all details on the tip of his hand.
Speedy Process Speedy Process
Quick on-site processes and get updates in real-time.
Clear Communication Clear Communication
As updates get reflected fast, it improves communication.
Optimise Productivity Optimise Productivity
Digital processing saves time, improves workforce productivity.
Less 'where is my order’ calls with timely delivery status.
Enhance Performance Enhance Performance
Data can be used for delivery performance improvement.