Optimising Routes Using AI

We use route optimisation technology for improving delivery performance and providing pathbreaking solutions to address last mile issues.

While planning your delivery routes, several factors such as vehicle type, weight, volume assume great significance. Our vehicle route optimisation based on advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning keep it simple. Enhancing fleet capability and improving your customer experience all at once, our out-of-the-box solutions optimise journeys, by finding the fastest route for our vehicles, irrespective of the shipment type you hand over to us for safe and quick delivery.

With the help of state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms, we find the shortest routes between multiple stops and get times and distances for trips to reduce the total journeys and vehicles needed. We ensure that each route has enough deliveries to increase productivity while strictly adhering to the business objectives of our customers. Also, it is very handy whenever you have fleet capacity falling short of shipment volume. At Ianis Fast Courier, it matters less because our resources are fully scalable to offer your customers a speedy delivery.
Route Optimisation

Advanced Routing and Scheduling Technology

Assured delivery optimisation that is designed to enhance productivity and minimise miles along with the number of trucks.
Real-time Updates Real-time Updates
Help access the fastest route with fewer traffic congestions.
Explore Routes Explore Routes
Discover new routes while using optimisation relentlessly.
Quick Delivery Quick Delivery
Traffic prediction reduces the number of late deliveries.
High Productivity High Productivity
Improve fleet efficiency by reducing the number of trucks.
Save Fuel Save Fuel
Cut down fuel by minimising the total miles covered.
Saves Time Saves Time
Staff need not require to spend time on route planning.
Brand Experience Brand Experience
Timely delivery offers a unique, positive brand experience.
Driver Satisfaction Driver Satisfaction
Boost satisfaction levels of drivers and their productivity.